Market analysis, audiences, where to find them, budgets, advertising, tone of voice, key messages, content categories, content planning, the list goes on! If you're overwhelmed about where to start in your marketing journey a plan is a must.


For me your goals are the most important part of your planning - I'm a huge believer in purposeful marketing that is well-planned, well-executed and provides results. Following marketing trends like "Insta is hot right now" doesn't' necessarily mean it's right for you.


Understanding social algorithms is also important to ensure your social posts are interesting, timely and forming relationships with your audience.

I'll work with you to create a marketing and/or social plan that is costumed to your business as well as throwing in a few of my secret weapon tips!


Creating content doesn't have to be hard. In fact, when you suss your content categories and plan your content in advance, the world is your content oyster - it really is endless!

However if you're time poor or simply not interested in producing your own content, I'd be happy to step in and utilise a bit of creative flair. I love creating artwork in Adobe Suite and dabble in a bit of photography and product styling. Copy is key to ensure your messaging is on-brand, differentiated and useful to your audience.

But remember, social media isn't just about posting content, it's primarily about creating meaningful conversations and building relationships through engagement.


Click below to view my social media management packages, and I'm happy to customise individual packages to meet your budget and needs.




Here steps in the right side of my brain.

Using Facebook’s Ads Manager, I can create adverts to reach your market, much the same as you can across Google and other websites. 

Facebook’s Ads Manager not only advertises on Facebook and Instagram, but also the Audience Network. This network places ads OUTSIDE of Facebook and Instagram and on to third-party apps, in-video and mobile sites yet still has the highly specific targeting, auction, measurement, and delivery systems as Facebook ads. It is also better value than other placements, lowering the average cost per result on ad campaigns. 

If you are after Google Ads, I collaborate with some pretty cool people who are Google Ads Certified and we can work together in budget sharing and reporting to ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck.


Traditional above the line advertising still holds its place in the market for many businesses and my years in advertising agencies has given me a background in planning and executing print, outdoor, direct mail marketing, email marketing. digital marketing, in-store marketing, point of sale, sponsorship, radio, TV and more.

I can help you with: 

  • MailChimp templates and email marketing campaigns

  • Design of brochures, print ads, point of sale and digital ads

  • Advice and guidance in booking above the line media

  • Brainstorming for creative campaigns never goes amiss.


Creativity is what makes me tick, it's the part of my job I love the most.


With a few Adobe Suite courses up my sleeve and years of working in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop I love to spread my creative wings and design logos, campaign material and marketing collateral - whatever your requirements may be.


Strategy and site structure comes first when it comes to website. Identifying your conversion points whether that's traffic, leads, enquiry or e-commerce sales is the first step as your website is your central hub that all of your digital activity should point to. Following that is understanding your audiences, and the user journeys that each persona requires in the sales process in order to have them convert into your desired conversion point. After all, your website IS your automated digital sales person that saves you time and money.

I work with Wix and Squarespace to design a website that's creative, functional, strategic and easy to manage. Sites include custom and mobile/iPad responsive design, baseline SEO, social media and newsletter integration.

If your'e after something a little more complex such as a WordPress site with custom development I'm more than happy to help you with your strategy and talking the "tech talk" with agencies on your behalf.